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What Is HAPN?

Mental and physical illnesses, aging issues and substance abuse, including alcohol and other drug addiction, can potentially impair professional practice and health. Heart of America Professional Network (HAPN) is an organization developed to address the problem of potential impairment among various professional groups in Kansas; including chiropractors, dentists, optometrists, podiatrists, physical therapists, occupational therapists, respiratory therapists, radiological technicians, athletic trainers, and substance abuse counselors.




  • Narcotic discrepancies, i.e. incorrect counts, alteration of narcotic containers, increased patient reports of ineffective pain control, discrepancies on records, significant variations in the quantity of narcotics ordered for technician’s unit or shift
  • Fluctuations in the quality of work performance
  • Irresponsible behavior from someone previously conscientious and responsible
  • Requests to work shifts that are least supervised



  • Increasing isolation from colleagues, friends, and/or family and avoiding social activities
  • Complaints from others about work performance or alcohol or drug use
  • Mood swings, irritability or depression, or suicide threats or attempts, perhaps caused by accidental overdose



  • Obvious intoxication such as swaying, staggering or slurred speech
  • Odor of alcohol on breath or the excessive use of breath-fresheners or perfume to disguise the odor of alcohol


  • SELF

    Research indicates that 12% to 15% of all healthcare professionals will face issues that may impair their practice during their professional career.

    Whether the issue is physical health, mental health, including depression and/or anxiety, or substance use or abuse, HAPN provides an opportunity for professionals to maintain their career.

    The HAPN program is confidential and voluntary to assist professionals in addressing identified issues in a way that enhances both their personal and professional life.


    Issues of impairment not only impact the individual professional, but often have significant effects on those closest to them.

    Family members and/or friends may identify issues of concern prior to the individual professional’s willingness to acknowledge and address them.

    HAPN provides family members and friends the opportunity to intervene in situations of concern before they reach the attention of professional Boards or Associations.

    Referrals to HAPN are confidential, allowing concerned family and friends to seek help for their loved one before the issue becomes more serious.

    Issues of potential impairment in the work environment are often identified by fellow professionals long before the impaired professional is willing to acknowledge they may have problems.

    Most professionals are mandated by state statute or professional ethical standards to report suspected impairment of a colleague.

    A referral to HAPN meets these requirements without the knowledge or involvement of the professional licensing board. HAPN referrals are confidential, so the referrer’s identity is never disclosed to the individual professional, but allows them to receive appropriate help to maintain their professional practice.

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